YESTERDAY’S THOUGHTS               ( psychedelic, garage-punk band / GREECE)-paper ship          LP, ORANGE MARBLE VINYL, 100 COPIES, NUMBERED   (trip)   24,00


AFGHAN WHIGS             (alternative rock / Ohio , USA)-in spades          LP   (sub pop)   26,00
ALLAH LAS              (surf, garage, psychedelic rock band / L.Angeles, USA)-worship the sun             LP+CD   (innovative)   22,50
ANGELIC UPSTARTS              (legendary punk, Oi! band / UK)-bullingdon bastards           LP+CD, GREEN VINYL   (boss tuneage)   19,80
ARCTIC MONKEYS             (indie rock / UK) -am          LP   (domino)   24,00
BLACK ANGELS, THE               (psychedelic, indie, garage rock / Texas , USA)-death song            CD   (partisan)   17,00
CHILDISH, WILD BILLY               (garage punk, indie rock, punk blues / UK)-thatcher’s children           LP   (damaged goods)   19,00
DEAD KENNEDYS              (legendary hardcore, punk band / California, USA) -give me convenience or give me death             LP   (let them eat vinyl)   22,80
DEFTONES              (alternative rock, metal / California , USA)-diamond eyes            CD   (reprise)   9,50
DO MAKE SAY THINK             (post-rock, experimental band / CANADA)-stubborn persistent…                CD   (constellation)   17,50
FU MANCHU               (stoner rock band / California , USA)
-daredevil             LP   (at the dojo)   21,00
-king of the road                2LP,  YELLOW CLEAR VINYL    (at the dojo)   25,50
GROWLERS, THE              (surf, garage, psychedelic rock / California , USA)
-are you in or out?             LP   (everloving)   26,50
-not psych              MINI LP  (fatcat)   15,50
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE             (shoegaze, post punk, indie / SCOTLAND)-damage and joy              2LP   (artificial plastic)   26,80
KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD                (psychedelic, acid, progressive rock band / AUSTRALIA)-murder of the universe                2LP   (heavenly)   29,00
MAD SEASON                (90’s alternative rock, grunge band featuring members from: Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees / Washington, USA ) -above               CD   (sony)   9,00
MOON DUO                (space, psychedelic rock band, formed by Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / San francisco, USA)-occult architecture vol. 1               LP   (sacred bones)   23,50
PORCUPINE TREE               (progressive, alternative , psychedelic rock / UK)-on the sunday of life               2LP   (kscope)   29,00
PRINCE BUSTER                (ska, rocksteady singer-songwriter, producer / JAMAICA)-blue beat singles             LP  dynamite)   18,80
SABBATH ASSEMBLY               (psychedelic rock, folk band. Members of Jex Thoth, No Neck Blues Band / USA) -rites of passage                CD   (svart)   15,80
SONIC YOUTH                  (alternative, noise, experimental rock band / N.York , USA)-washing machine             CD   (geffen)   9,80
TERROR               (hardcore, moshcore band / Los angeles, USA) -walls will fall             MINI CD   (pure noise)   16,00
THIEVERY CORPORATION           (dub, trip-hop, electronica / Washington, USA)-temple of I & I              2LP   (eighteenth..)   29,80
WOODEN SHJIPS                 (psychedelic , space , acid rock band / San francisco , USA)-west             LP   (thrill jockey)   18,50
YOB                    (doom metal / Oregon, USA)-atma              2LP, CLEAR VINYL   (20 buck spin)   27,00

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