ALIVE SHE DIED             (80’s new wave, minimal band / GREECE) – Viva Voce + Unreleased Tracks 1984-86          LP, CLEAR VINYL, 350 COPIES   (geheimnis)   18,50
HOLY MONITOR               (kraut, space, psychedelic rock band / GREECE)-holy monitor          LP   (blackspin)        CLEAR WITH COPPER MARBLED VINYL   19,50      –      BLUE / WHITE MARBLED VINYL    19,50


AITKEN, LAUREL             (the godfather of Ska / JAMAICA)-scandal in a brixton market         LP   (radiation)   18,80
ALLAH LAS            (surf, garage, psychedelic rock band / L.Angeles, USA)
-allah las             LP+CD   (v2)   22,50
-worship the sun              LP+CD   (innovative)   22,50
ASTEROID                (heavy, progressive, spaced-out 70’s-style fuzzrock band / SWEDEN)-III            LP, SWAMP GREEN VINYL     (fuzzorama)   21,50
BARONESS                (progressive, sludge, stoner band / Georgia, USA) -red album              CD   (relapse)  15,80
BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE              (psychedelic rock, lo-fi, garage, shoegaze / California , USA)-don’t get lost            CD   (a rec)   16,80
CAT POWER               (female fronted indie rock, folk, lo-fi band / USA) -sun            2LP+CD   (matador)   24,80
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS                  (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)-no more shall we part               CD   (mute)   11,00
CLUTCH                (stoner, hard rock / Maryland, USA)
-psychic warfare             CD   (weathermaker)   15,80
-strange cousins from the west            CD   (weathermaker)   16,80
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN               (industrial , avant-garde , experimental / GERMANY) -lament              2LP   (bmg)   23,00
FOXYGEN              (psychedelic, experimental, indie pop duo / California, USA)-hang             LP, GREEN VINYL     (jagjaguwar)   24,50
FREEDOM HAWK                (heavy, psychedelic, stoner rock band / Virginia, USA)-into your mind              LP, NEON ORANGE VINYL   (small stone)   22,00
GALLO, RON               (garage rock’n’roll, glam / Philadelphia, USA)-heavy meta             LP   (new west)   21,50
GRAILS             (instrumental, psychedelic, post rock, experimental band / Oregon, USA) -chalice hymnal               2LP   (temp.res.)   33,00
GROWLERS, THE              (surf, garage, psychedelic rock / California , USA)-hung at heart                LP   (fat cat)   18,50
HATEBREED                 (hardcore, metalcore / Connecticut, USA) -concrete confessional           LP   (n.blast)   18,00
HAWKINS, SCREAMIN’ JAY               (shock rock, rhythm and blues, soul singer, songwriter, actor / Ohio, USA)-at home with               LP   (waxtime)  20,00
HEATERS                 (psychedelic rock, surf, lo-fi, garage band / Michigan, USA)-baptistina             LP   (beyond..)   25,50
IGGY AND THE STOOGES                (protopunk, garage band led by Iggy Pop / Michigan, USA)-raw power                   2LP, NUMBERED, RED VINYL   (music on vinyl)   28,50
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC                (garage, rock’n’roll band fronted by Nicke Andersson of Hellacopters / SWEDEN)-pop war               LP   (psychout)   25,00
KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD                  ( psychedelic, space, garage rock band / AUSTRALIA)-flying microtonal banana              CD   (heavenly)   16,00
KING TUBBY                (reggae, dub / JAMAICA)-explosive dub               LP   (clocktower)   21,00
MELVINS              (sludge, grunge, metal, experimental band / Washington , USA) -houdini              CD   (wea)   10,00
MEN, THE                  (indie rock, punk, post, noise / N.Y. , USA)-devil music             LP   (we are the men)   24,50
MOON DUO                  (space, ambient, psychedelic rock band, formed by Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / San francisco, USA)-occult architecture vol.1              LP   (sacred bones)   25,00
OFF!                (hardcore, punk band fronted by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks , Black Flag / California, USA)-wasted years             LP   (vice)   22,40
PEARL JAM                  (grunge , alternative rock / Washington , USA)-ten               CD   (sony)   9,00
SCREAMING TREES                 (grunge, alternative rock band , featuring Mark Lanegan / Washington , USA) -sweet oblivion               CD  (epic)   8,00
SLACKERS, THE                (ska band / N.York, USA)-slackers           LP   (brainlab groove)   20,00
STROLLERS, THE                ( 60’s garage punk influenced band / SWEDEN)-falling right down               LP   (dangerhouse)   22,00
V/A-FREEDOM SOUNDS  (A CELEBRATION OF JAMAICAN MUSIC)-(Derrick Morgan, Dennis Brown, Heptones, Augustus Pablo..)              5CD BOX + 48 PAGE BOOKLET + 4 POSTCARDS    (trojan )    36,00

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