ΑΓΓΕΛΑΚΑΣ, ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ & ΟΙ 100 C-ήσυχα τραγούδια για ανέμελα λιβάδια                LP+BOOK   (feelgood)   18,00
DEUS EX MACHINA           (punk rock band / GREECE)
-sound of liberation            CD   (lab)   7,50
-time expires          MINI CD   (lab)   7,50
EARTHBOUND, THE          (desert rock band, members from: Last Drive, Honeydive, Rockin’ Bones / GREECE)
-earthbound           CD   (lab)   7,50
-la guerra final             CD   (lab)   7,50
FILM JACKET 35               (garage , indie rock / GREECE)-limbo mind and infected cells            LP   (boby blows)   14,00
RAINDOGS, THE              (reggae, ska, punk band / GREECE)-unleash the six             LP   (lab)   14,50      –      CD   (lab)   7,50
WRINKLED SUITS               (rock’n’roll, hard rock, garage rock band / GREECE-suck the gun             CD   (self release)   8,00


ALCEST                 (shoegaze, post rock, black metal / FRANCE)-kodama             LP   (prophecy productions)   24,50
AMENRA             (post, metal, sludge / BELGIUM)
-mass III   (3)            LP   (church of ra)   23,00
-mass V   (5)          2LP   (church of ra)   28,00
AMENRA       (post, metal, sludge / BELGIUM)        –        RAKETKANON      (noise rock, sludge band / BELGIUM)-split              10” , 500 COPIES   (consouling sounds)   17,80
ASTEROID                 (heavy, progressive, spaced-out 70’s style fuzzrock band / SWEDEN)-asteroid II           LP (fuzzorama)   21,50
AT THE DRIVE- IN                  (alternative, post-hardcore band. Later members of Mars Volta / Texas, USA)-in.tera.li-a             CD   (rise)   15,80
BLACK HEART PROCESSION, THE              (indie rock / California , USA)-one              LP, WHITE VINYL, 500 COPIES   (sdrl)   39,50
BLACK KEYS, THE              (blues, indie, psychedelic rock band / Ohio , USA) -turn blue                LP+CD+POSTER   (wea)   27,50
BODY COUNT         (hardcore, rap metal band fronted by Ice-T / Los Angeles, USA)-bloodlust                  LP+CD   (c.media)   22,50
BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE                  (psychedelic rock, lo-fi, garage, shoegaze / California , USA)-pol pot’s pleasure penthouse                2LP, BLUE VINYL, RSD 2017 RELEASE, 3000 COPIES   (a rec.)   33,00
CASPIAN                 (instrumental post rock , influenced by : Mogwai , Exposions in the sky / Massachusetts , USA) -tertia             CD   (make my day)   17,00
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS                 (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)-live at the royal albert hall, 1997               2LP   (no label)   32,50
CULT OF LUNA               (sludge, post-metal band / SWEDEN)-live at la gaite lyrique, Paris             2CD+DVD   (indie rec.)   26,50
EX, THE AND TOM CORA-scrabling at the lock             CD   (ex)   13,00
FLOGGING MOLLY               (celtic punk, folk punk, punk rock / California, USA)
-float              LP   (side one dummy)   16,50
-life is good              CD   (vanguard)   16,00
HOLE                 (alternative rock, grunge band formed by Courtney Love / L.Angeles, USA)-pretty on the inside                  LP, PURPLE VINYL   (no label)   17,00
HOT WATER MUSIC-exister              T-SHIRT, BLACK, MEDIUM             18,00
HOYEM, SIVERT        (frontman of Madrugada / NORWAY)-Live At Acropolis           (hektor grammofon)                   2LP+DVD   28,00      –      2LP, COLORED VINYL, NUMBERED, SPECIAL GREEK  TEXTED  COVER      33,50
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE               (shoegaze, post punk, indie / SCOTLAND)-damage and joy              CD   (artificial plastic)   17,50
KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD               (psychedelic, garage, acid rock band / AUSTRALIA)-murder of the universe               CD   (heavenly)   17,50
LEATHERFACE-stormy petrel           T-SHIRT, BLACK, MEDIUM         17,50
MOON DUO                (space, psychedelic rock band, formed by Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / San francisco, USA)
-occult architecture vol.1                LP   (sacred bones)   25,00
-occult architecture vol.2                LP   (sacred bones)   25,00
PARTISANS               (classic punk band / UK) -police story              LP, RED VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   23,80
PINK FLOYD                (legendary progressive, psychedelic rock band / UK)
-a saucerful of secrets            LP   (pfr)   22,50
PLACEBO                (alternative rock band / UK)-sleeping with ghosts             LP   (elevator)   25,50
POP, IGGY              (alternative, punk, garage, glam rock singer-songwriter , best known from the Stooges / Michigan, USA)
-idiot            LP   (virgin)   22,50
-lust for life            LP   (virgin)   22,50
PORCUPINE TREE                (progressive, alternative , psychedelic rock / UK)
-coma divine               3LP   (kscope)   39,80
-fear of a blank planet                CD   (roadrunner)   13,00
RADIOHEAD                 (alternative, experimental rock, electronic / UK)-amnesiac                2LP   (xl)   29,80
RISE AGAINST                (melodic punk rock, hardcore / Chicago, USA) -endgame               CD   (geffen)   11,50
SIENA ROOT             (psychedelic, blues, hard rock  rock band / SWEDEN)-a dream of lasting peace                  LP, GOLD / BLACK SPLATTER VINYL, 750 COPIES   (mig)   24,00
SIGUR ROS                (post-rock, indie, ambient / ICELAND) -agaetis byrjun              2LP+CD   (xl)   29,80
SKATALITES, THE                (legendary ska, rocksteady, jazz band / JAMAICA)-original ska sounds from the skatalites 1963-1965            2LP   (soul jazz)   25,00
SLEEP                  (stoner, doom metal / California, USA) -sleep’s holy mountain               CD   (earache)   15,00
SOUNDGARDEN                (grunge,alternative rock / Washington, USA) -ultramega ok                2LP   (sub pop)   25,80
WARSAW         (JOY DIVISION)-warsaw              LP   (vinyl passion)   15,00
WHITE HILLS                (psychedelic,space rock / N.York , USA)-stop mute defeat               LP   (thrill jockey)   23,50
ZEAL AND ARDOR               (blues, soul, black metal band / N.York, USA)-devil is fine                LP, GREEN VINYL   (mvka)   21,00
V/A-STUDIO ONE ROCKSTEADY-(John Holt, Eternals, Gaylands…….)            2LP   (soul jazz)   25,00

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