NAXATRAS              (psychedelic, space, stoner rock band / GREECE)-naxatras          2LP,  500 COPIES   (naxatras)   34,00
TUBER                 (instrumental, psychedelic, desert, post rock band / GREECE)
-out of the blue             LP   (neda)   18,00      –      CD   (neda)   10,00
-tuber              MINI LP   (neda)   15,00


ALGIERS          (post-punk, indie, gospel band / Georgia, USA)-algiers          LP   (matador)   27,00
ARCHIVIST                (post-metal, sludge, black metal  band formed by musicians from Austria, England and Germany)-archivist              2LP,  CLEAR WITH BRIGHT PINK / PURLPE VINYL, 150 COPIES   (alerta antifascista)   23,50
BAD RELIGION           (melodic punk rock, hardcore / California, USA)
-grey race           LP   (epitaph)   18,50
-stranger than fiction           LP   (epitaph)   18,50
BARONESS             (progressive, sludge, stoner band / Georgia, USA) -blue record          2LP   (relapse)   28,80
BLONDE REDHEAD               (alternative , noise, indie, dream pop / N.York , USA) -melody of a certain…          LP   (touch+go)   19,50
CURSED            (hardcore, crust, sludge band / CANADA)-two            LP, SILVER VINYL   (deathwish)   21,00
DESCENDENTS               (classic punk rock, hardcore band / California, USA) -everything sucks           LP+7”   (epitaph)   23,80
DISCHARGE             (legendary d-beat, hardcore punk band / UK)-never again          CD   (west world)   16,00
EGYPT              (70’s influenced hard and heavy psychedelic, stoner, doom band / Dakota , USA)-endless flight           LP   (doomentia)   21,50
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN           (industrial , avant-garde , experimental / GERMANY)
-alles wieder offen             2LP  (potomak)   29,00
-ende nue           LP   (potomak)   22,50
ELECTRIC WIZARD           (doom metal band / UK)-time to die            2LP, CLEAR VINYL, RSD 2015 RELEASE   (spinefarm)   26,00
FALL OF EFRAFA             (crust, post-metal, sludge band / UK)
-burial           MINI LP, ETCHED B-SIDE   (alerta antifascista)   14,50
-elil            2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE     (alerta antifascista)   23,50
-owsla             LP   (alerta antifascista)   14,50
-tharn               MINI LP, ETCHED B-SIDE   (alerta antifascista)   14,50
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR              (instrumental post-rock / CANADA) -f#a#o              LP   (constellation)   22,50
GRAILS               (instrumental, psychedelic, post rock, experimental band / Oregon, USA) -black tar prophecies 4-5-6           CD   (temp.res.)   16,00
GRINDERMAN                (alternative rock, blues punk, noise rock band , featuring Nick Cave , Warren Ellis , Jim Sclavunos ) -grinderman 2               LP   (mute)   21,50
ICONS OF FILTH                 (anarcho-punk band / WALES)-mortarhate projects             2LP   (let them eat vinyl)   26,50
IRON MAIDEN        (legendary heavy metal band / UK)
-do androids dream of electric sheep? – live in Newcastle city hall, 1986             2LP, RED VINYL, 150 COPIES  (no label)   55,00
-killer live, 2000, Usa           LP   (no label)   18,50
JESUS LIZARD, THE               (noise, post hardcore, alternative band / Texas , USA) -goat            LP   (touch+go)   25,80
KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD              (psychedelic, acid, progressive rock band / AUSTRALIA)-flying microtonal banana               LP   (heavenly)   23,50
LANEGAN, MARK BAND              (alternative, blues, stoner rock from Screaming Trees frontman / Washington , USA) -gargoyle             LP   (heavenly)   26,50      –      CD   (heavenly)   16,00
MELVINS             (sludge, grunge, metal, experimental band / Washington , USA)
-ozma / bullhead            2LP   (boner)   32,50
MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, THE            (ska-core band / Boston, USA)-devil’s night out         LP   (taang)   23,00
NEGATIVE APPROACH             (legendary hardcore band / Michigan, USA)-negative approach           7”   (touch+go)   8,00
NEKROMANTIX           (Danish / American psychobilly band)-a symphony of wolf tones          LP   (hellcat)   23,50
OFF!                 (hardcore, punk band fronted by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks , Black Flag / California, USA)-off!            CD   (vice)   16,00
PEARL JAM              (grunge , alternative rock / Washington , USA)-ten         LP, BLUE VINYL   (no label)   19,00
PENTAGRAM              (classic doom band / Virginia , USA) -first daze here – early material compilation               LP   (relapse)   24,00
RANCID              (punk rock, ska punk, street punk / California, USA)
-honor is all we know           LP+CD+7”   (epitaph)   20,00
-trouble maker             LP   (hellcat)   21,00
RED SPAROWES               (instrumental post-rock. Members from Neurosis , Isis / Los angeles , USA) -at the soundless dawn             CD   (neurot)   16,40
ROYAL BLOOD               (blues, garage, psychedelic rock band / UK)-how did we get so dark?           LP   (warner)   20,00
RUSSIAN CIRCLES                (instrumental post-rock band , influenced by: Red sparowes , Isis , Mogwai / Chicago, USA) -station            CD   (suicide squeeze)   16,00
SAMHAIN               ( 80’s horror-punk band formed by Glenn Danzig of Misfits /  N.Jersey, USA)-N.Y. breaks loose…in 1985 – live           LP, WHITE VINYL   (no label)   24,00
SEGALL, TY                (lo-fi, alternative, garage / San francisco , USA)
-ty segall             LP   (castle face)   21,00
-goodbye bread             LP   (drag city)   19,80
SHELLAC              (noise, math, post hardcore band, fronted by Steve Albini / Chicago, USA)
-1000 hurts             LP+CD, BOX   (touch+go)   28,50
-terraform             LP   (touch+go)   25,50
SIXTEEN HORSEPOWER              (alternative country, americana / Denver, USA) -folklore             CD   (glitterhouse)   11,50
SLINT             (math rock, indie rock / Kentucky, USA)
-slint            10”   (touch+go)   14,80
-spiderland               LP   (touch+go)   20,00
SWANS             (post-punk, industrial, experimental, noise / N.York , USA)
-great annihilator             2LP   (mute)   29,00
-white light from the mouth of infinity love of life + 18 bonus tracks              3CD   (mute)   19,50
TEK, DENIZ            (..from Radio Birdman, New Race / Michigan, USA)
-detroit            LP   (career)   22,50
-mean old twister            LP   (career)   24,00
TOY DOLLS              (punk rock band / UK)-wakey wakey           LP, RED VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   24,00
TRIAL             (straight edge hardcore band / Seattle, USA)-early years            2LP,  RED VINYL     (refuse)   26,00
WOODEN SHJIPS               (psychedelic , space , acid rock band / San francisco , USA)-dos            LP   (holy mountain)   23,00
WOVENHAND               (alternative country, neofolk band led by former 16 Horsepower lead singer / Denver , USA) -consider the birds             LP, PURPE MARBLE VINYL   (sounds familyre)   21,50
YOUTH OF TODAY               (classic straight edge hardcore band / Connecticut , USA)-can’t close my eyes           LP, BLUE VINYL   (revelation)   21,00
ZEKE                (speedrock, hardcore band / Washington, USA)-flat tracker             LP   (no label)   15,00

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