NIGHTSTALKER            (stoner rock / GREECE ) -use               2LP, GREY TRANSPARENT / SMOKEY VINYL   (arcane angels)   25,00

AMEBIX               (crust, punk, metal band / UK)-sonic mass           LP, RED VINYL   (easy action)   19,50
AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD             (alternative , indie ,post, progressive rock / Texas, USA)-source tags and codes            2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (interscope)   29,00
BABY WOODROSE              (psychedelic, garage rock / DENMARK)-love comes down            LP, PURPLE VINYL    (bad afro)   22,00
BLACK ANGELS, THE              (psychedelic, indie, garage rock / Texas , USA)-death song            2LP   (partisan)   28,50
DEAD WEATHER             (members from White Stripes, Kills , Queens Of The Stone Age / USA) -horehound                2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (third man)   29,80
DINOSAUR JR.              (alternative, indie rock / Massachusetts , USA) -dinosaur jr.            LP   (jagjaguwar)   22,00
DUKE SPIRIT              (indie, blues, garage rock band / UK)-sky is mine              LP , WHITE VINYL   (ex voto)   25,80
EARTH              (drone metal, doom, experimental band / Washington , USA) -earth 2            2LP   (sub pop)   22,00
FU MANCHU               (stoner rock band / California , USA)
-gigantoid             LP, SILVER VINYL   (at the dojo)   21,00
-king of the road                2LP, CLEAR ORANGE VINYL   (at the dojo)   25,50
GOAT                (psychedelic, hard rock, acid rock band / SWEDEN)-world music           LP, BLUE / PURPLE VINYL   (rocket)   20,00
GRIZZLY BEAR               ( indie rock, folk, psychedelic pop band / N.York, USA)-painted ruins              2LP   (rca)   24,80
LANEGAN, MARK              (alternative, blues, stoner rock from Screaming Trees frontman / Washington , USA)
-field songs             LP   (sub pop)   22,00
-scraps at midnight               LP   (sub pop)   22,00
MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?                 (surf, space, electronic rock / USA)-live at third man records                 LP   (third man)   19,00
NATIONAL        (indie rock, post-punk revival, indie folk / Ohio , USA) -sleep well beast              2LP   (4ad)   BLUE VINYL   28,00 ,   WHITE VINYL   28,00      –      CD   (4ad)   15,00
NOMEANSNO               (punk, jazzcore band / CANADA)
-mama              2LP   (wrong)   23,50
-worldhood of the world                   2LP, YELLOW / PURPLE SPLATTER VINYLS   (wrong)   23,50
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE               (alternative, stoner rock band founded by Josh Homme of Kyuss / California, USA)
-rated r               LP   (interscope)   23,00
-villains                2LP, ETCHED  D-SIDE   (matador)   28,00
RADIOHEAD             (alternative, experimental rock, electronic / UK)-a moon shaped pool            2LP   (xl)   25,80
SLOWDIVE                  (shoegaze, dream pop / UK)-slowdive              LP   (dead oceans)   23,80
TOOL                 (alternative metal , progressive rock / California, USA)-lateralus           2LP, PICTURE DISC   (volcano)   42,00

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