HALF GRAMME OF SOMA             ( stoner  rock band / GREECE)-groove is black          LP   (fuzzink)   16,50
LAST RIZLA               ( noise, monolithic, sludge band / GREECE)– kls9532          10”,  250 COPIES, NUMBERED   (fuzzink)   11,50


ALL THEM WITCHES              (blues, stoner, psychedelic rock band / Tennessee, USA)-sleeping through the war             LP   (new west)   24,50
ARCADE FIRE              (Indie rock, baroque pop, art rock, post-punk revival / CANADA) -reflektor            2LP   (merge)   26,50
AT THE DRIVE- IN               (alternative, post-hardcore band. Later members of Mars Volta / Texas, USA)-relationship of command             LP   (transgressive)   32,00
BAD RELIGION             (melodic punk rock, hardcore / California, USA)
-against the grain         LP   (epitaph, Usa)   26,00
-suffer            CD   (epitaph)   12,00
BLACK HEART PROCESSION, THE             (indie rock / California , USA)-2              LP   (touch+go)   21,50
BLACK KEYS, THE           (blues, indie, psychedelic rock band / Ohio , USA) -brothers           CD   (v2)   11,00
BLACK SABBATH            (legendary hard rock, metal band / UK) -master of reality            LP   (bmg)   24,00
CASH, JOHNNY              ( legendary country, rock’n’roll , gospel singer-songwritter / USA)
-american III: solitary man             LP   (american recordings)   23,00
-american IV: man comes around               2LP   (american recordings)   26,50
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS              (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)-your funeral my trial              CD+DVD   (mute)   12,00
CRAMPS, THE                (legendary psychobilly , rockabilly , punk band / California , USA)-blues fix             10”   (big beat)   15,50
DEAD KENNEDYS             (legendary hardcore, punk band / California, USA)
-frankenchrist              LP   (let them eat vinyl)   22,00
-fresh fruit for rotting vegetables             LP   (manifesto)   25,00
DEAD WEATHER              (members from White Stripes, Kills , Queens Of The Stone Age / USA)
-dodge and burn            LP  (third man)   25,00
-sea of cowards            LP   (third man)   26,00
DEKKER, DESMOND              (legendary reggae, ska , rocksteady singer-songwriter / JAMAICA)-the israelites               LP   (trojan)   24,50
FEELIES, THE            (post-punk band, alternative rock band / N.Jersey, USA)
-crazy rhythms          LP   (domino)   24,00
-in between             LP   (bar/none)   25,00
FLESHTONES, THE                (garage, surf, psychobilly band / N.York, USA)-..the band drinks for free           LP   (yep rock)   26,50
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR                  (instrumental post-rock / CANADA) -slow riot for…                CD   (constellation)    16,50
GRAILS              (instrumental, psychedelic, post rock, experimental band / Oregon, USA) -doomsdayer’s holiday            LP   (temp.res.)   27,00
GRAND MAGUS               (heavy, doom metal band / SWEDEN) -wolf’s return             LP, SILVER VINYL, 500 COPIES   (rise above)   23,50
INTERPOL               (indie rock, post punk / N.York , USA) -el pintor            LP  (soft limit)   25,00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE               (shoegaze, post punk, indie / SCOTLAND)-damage and joy               CD   (artificial plastic)   17,00
MADRUGADA              (alternative rock band / NORWAY)-best of               2CD   (warner)   18,50
MARTYRDOD             (d-beat, crust band / SWEDEN)-paranoia             LP   (southern lord)   21,50
MASSIVE ATTACK              ( trip hop band / UK)-mezzanine            2LP   (virgin)   24,80
MASTODON               (sludge metal, progressive metal / Georgia, USA) -crack the sky             CD   (reprise)   9,80
MC5              (protopunk, garage rock, rock’n’roll band / Detroit , USA)-back in the usa             LP   (rhino)   19,00
MEAT WAVE               (punk, post-punk band / Chicago, USA)
-delusion moon            LP, TRANSLUCENT GOLD VINYL, 700 COPIES   (side one dummy)   18,80
-incessant             LP   (side one dummy)   18,80
METEORS, THE                (legendary psychobilly band / UK)-teenagers from outer space            LP   (big beat)   21,00
NOFX              (melodic punk rock / California, USA) -decline             MINI LP   (fat wreck)   18,00
OFFSPRING                (melodic punk rock band / California, USA)-smash            LP   (epitaph, Usa)   26,00
OPERATION IVY              ( 80’s ska punk band, later members of Rancid / California, USA) -operation ivy – compilation            CD   (hellcat)   12,50
PALLBEARER               (doom metal band / Arkansas, USA)-heartless            2LP   (n.blast)   24,80
POND                (psychedelic rock band / AUSTRALIA)-weather         LP   (marathon)   26,50
PORTISHEAD              (alternative, electronic rock, trip hop band / UK) -third            2LP   (mercury)   28,50
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE               (alternative, stoner rock band founded by Josh Homme of Kyuss / California, USA)-era vulgaris              3 x 10”   (ipecac)   29,90
RAVEONETTES              (noise pop, indie, shoegaze / DENMARK) -2016 atomized            LP   (beat dies)   22,50
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS              (alternative rock, funk / Los Angeles, USA)
-californication          CD   (warner)   9,60
-mother’s milk           LP   (capitol)   19,50
ROYAL BLOOD             (blues, garage, psychedelic rock band / UK)-how did we get so dark?           LP   (warner)   23,00
SLEEP             (stoner, doom metal / California, USA) -dopesmoker              CD   (southern lord)   16,00
SLOWDIVE                (dream pop, shoegaze band / UK)-just for a day / souvlaki / pygmalion             3CD   (sony)   16,50
SMASHING PUMPKINS              (alternative rock / Illinois, USA) -mellon collie and the infinite sadness               4LP + 2 BOOKS   (virgin)   99,50
SOUNDGARDEN              (grunge,alternative rock / Washington, USA) -down on the upside               2LP   (a&m)   26,50
SPACEMEN 3              (alternative rock, neo-psychedelia, space rock band / UK)-perfect prescription                 LP   (fire)   23,50
SUBLIME             (ska punk, alternative rock, dub / California, USA)
-badfish             MINI LP,  RSD 2017 RELEASE   (skunk)   18,80
-sublime              2LP   (gasoline alley)   26,50
SUICIDE              (no wave, new wave, art punk, industrial , synthpunk, lo-fi / New york , USA) -suicide              LP    (superior viaduct)   29,50
SUNN O)))              (drone, experimental, noise band / Washington, USA)-monoliths and dimension               2LP   (southern lord)   34,00
TERROR              (hardcore, moshcore band / Los angeles, USA) -live by the code            CD   (victory)   14,00
TOMBS              (sludge, post, black metal band / N.York, USA)-grand annihilation             LP   (metal blade)   23,50
TOOL             (alternative metal , progressive rock / California, USA)
-lateralus             CD   (jive)   16,00
-undertow           CD   (volcano)   16,00
UNCLE ACID AND THE DEADBEATS               (psychedelic rock, doom / UK)-night creeper             CD   (rise above)   15,00
WAITS, TOM                (rock, experimental, folk, blues, jazz singer – songwriter / California, USA)-swordfishtrombones             LP   (island)   21,50
WITCHCRAFT                (doom, psychedelic, hard rock band / SWEDEN) -alchemist               LP   (rise above)   24,50
WOLFPACK                   (crust, hardcore punk band, later became Wolfbrigade / SWEDEN)-a new dawn fades              LP   (southern lord)   20,00

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