ACID BATH               (90′s sludge, doom band / N.Orlean, USA)-when the kite strings…             LP   (rotten rec.)   29,50      –      CD   (rotten rec.)   16,50
ALLAH LAS              (surf, garage, psychedelic rock band / L.Angeles, USA)
-allah las              CD   (innovative)   10,00
-worship the sun             CD   (because music)   10,00
BLACK KEYS, THE               (blues, indie, psychedelic rock band / Ohio , USA) -el camino               LP+CD   (nonesuch)   34,00
BLACK SABBATH                (legendary hard rock, metal band / UK) -vol. 4               LP+CD   (sanctuary)   23,00
BOWIE, DAVID                  (art rock , pop, electronic rock singer-songwriter / UK)
-david bowie              LP   (deram)   22,00
-diamond dogs               LP   (parlophone)   21,50
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS            (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)
-from her to eternity              CD   (mute)   10,00
-good son                CD   (mute)  10,00
DEFTONES               (alternative rock, metal / California , USA)
-deftones              LP   (maverick)   22,00
-koi no yokan               LP   (reprise)   22,00
DROPKICK MURPHYS                   (celtic punk rock band / Massachusetts, USA)-signed and sealed in blood                2LP   (born+bred)   26,00
FEELIES, THE                ( alternative rock, post-punk band / N.Jersey, USA)-crazy rhythms             LP   (domino)   24,00
FOO FIGHTERS                 (alternative rock, hard rock band, founded by Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Washington , USA)-wasting light              2LP   (rca)   22,50
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR              (instrumental post-rock / CANADA) -allelujah! Don’t bend                 LP+7” + POSTER   (constellation)   26,50
GRAILS               (instrumental, psychedelic, post rock, experimental band / Oregon, USA) -deep politics               2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (temp. res.)   29,00
GRAVEYARD                 (hard, psychedelic rock, blues rock / SWEDEN) -lights out               LP   (nuclear blast)   25,00
HENDRIX, JIMI EXPERIENCE                 (legendary psychedelic, hard rock, blues singer, guitarist, songwritter / Washington, USA) -are you experienced               2LP   (legacy)   24,50
HOT WATER MUSIC               (melodic punk rock, post hardcore / USA) -exister             LP, BLUE VINYL   (rise)   19,50
IGGY AND THE STOOGES               (protopunk, garage band led by Iggy Pop / Michigan, USA)-raw power            2LP, NUMBERED, RED VINYL   (music on vinyl)   28,50
IGNITE               (melodic hardcore / California, USA)-our darkest days              CD   (c.media)   14,50
MADRUGADA                 (alternative rock band / NORWAY)-industrial silence          2LP   (music on vinyl)   26,50
MISFITS, THE               (legendary punk, horror punk band / N.Jersey , USA)-collection vol. 2              LP   (caroline)   25,00
MOBY                 (electronica, trip hop singer – songwriter / N.York, USA)-play               2LP   (mute)   31,50
MOGWAI                (instrumental post-rock / SCOTLAND) -come on! Die young                CD   (chemikal..)   14,00
NIRVANA                 (legendary grunge, alternative rock band / Washington , USA) -mtv unplugged in N.Y.             LP   (geffen)   19,80
RAMONES              (legendary punk rock band / N.York , USA) -ramones              LP   (rhino)   19,50
SKA-P               (ska punk / SPAIN)-el vals del obrero            LP   (rca)   25,00
SMASHING PUMPKINS                (alternative rock / Illinois, USA)
-adore            2LP   (virgin Usa)   33,50
-gish              LP   (virgin)   25,00
-siamese dream              2LP   (virgin Usa)   48,50
SMITH, PATTI                (legendary rock, art rock, proto-punk singer-songwriter/ N.York, USA)-horses           LP   (arista)   20,00
SONIC YOUTH                    (alternative, noise, experimental rock band / N.York , USA)-sonic nurse               2LP   (geffen)   24,50
SOUNDGARDEN               (grunge,alternative rock / Washington, USA) -down on the upside               2LP   (a&m)   26,50
STONE ROSES               ( indie, “madchester” rock band / UK)-stone roses              LP   (silvertone)  19,80
SUBLIME               (ska punk, alternative rock, dub / California, USA)
-second-hand smoke               CD   (gasoline alley)   14,00
-sublime                2LP   (gasoline alley)   26,50
TAU CROSS               (punk, metal band. Members from: Amebix, Voivod, Misery)-tau cross              LP   (relapse)   23,00
TOOL                 (alternative metal , progressive rock / California, USA)-lateralus              2LP, PICTURED VINYLS   (volcano)   46,00
VEDDER, EDDIE              (Pearl Jam’s frontman / Washington , USA)-into the wild             2LP   (music on vinyl)   25,50

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