ANTI- FLAG              (punk rock, hardcore / Pittsburgh, USA) -terror state             CD   (fat wreck)   12,50
BLONDE REDHEAD              (alternative , noise, indie, dream pop / N.York , USA) -fake can be just..                LP   (touch+go)   19,80
BLOOD FOR BLOOD                (hardcore, street punk / Boston, USA) -spit my last breath            CD   (victory)   16,40
CHRISTIAN DEATH               (deathrock, gothic rock band / California , USA)-only theatre of pain               LP, COKE BOTTLE BLUE VINYL     (frontier)   21,00
COCK SPARRER                 (legendary punk , Oi! band / UK) -forever              LP   (pirates press)   21,00     –     CD   (pirates press)   18,00
CRAMPS, THE               (legendary psychobilly , rockabilly , punk band / California , USA)-file under sacred music-singles 1978-1981            CD   (munster)   16,00
CRUSADES              (great melidic punk rock band / CANADA)-this is a sickness…..            LP, SILVER WITH BLACK AND WHITE SPLATTER VINYL     (anxious and angry)   18,50
CULT OF LUNA            (sludge, post-metal band / SWEDEN)-vertikal 1 + 2             2LP, RSD 2016 RELEASE, CLEAR VINYL, 500 COPIES     (indie)   31,50
CULT OF LUNA / JULIE CHRISTMAS-mariner          2LP, YELLOW VINYL   (indie)   26,50
DISORDER                (80’s punk band / UK) -singles collection            LP   (radiation)   16,00
EARTH              (drone metal, doom, experimental band / Washington , USA)
-phase 3: thrones and dominions             2LP   (sub pop)   17,50
-primitive and deadly               2LP   (southern lord)   29,50
EARTHLESS              (insrumental, psychedelic, space rock / California, USA) -from the ages             2LP, ORANGE VINYL   (tee pee)   28,00
EJECTED, THE              (80’s punk / Oi! band / UK)-back from the dead            LP, GREEN VINYL   (randale)   18,50
EVIL CONDUCT             (working class Oi! band / NETHERLANDS)-today’s rebellion             LP, GREEN VINYL    (randale)   18,50
FALL OF EFRAFA             (crust, hardcore, post-metal, sludge band / UK)
-burial            MINI LP, ETCHED B-SIDE   (alerta antifascista)   14,50
-owsla           LP, CLEAR VINYL     (alerta antifascista)   14,50
-tharn            MINI LP, ETCHED B-SIDE   (alerta antifascista)   14,50
FUGAZI                (post-hardcore, indie rock band fronted by Ian Mackaye of Minor threat / Washington, USA) -in on the killtaker            LP   (dischord)   19,80
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR             (instrumental post-rock / CANADA)
-lift your skinny fists…            2CD   (constellation)   22,50
-f#a#o              CD   (constellation)   18,50
GORILLA BISCUITS              (legendary straight edge hardcore band / N.York, USA) -start today                CD   (revelation)   16,50
GRINDERMAN              (alternative rock, blues punk, noise rock band , featuring Nick Cave , Warren Ellis , Jim Sclavunos ) -grinderman             2 LP + CD + POSTER + 16 PAGE BOOKLET   (mute)   21,50
H20              (melodic hardcore / N.York, USA)-nothing to prove              CD   (b9)   15,00
HIVES, THE               (garage, rock’n’roll, punk rock band / SWEDEN)-veni vidi vicious             LP, SILVER VINYL     (burning heart)   20,00
KARMA TO BURN            (instrumental stoner rock / Virginia , USA)
-almost heathen            LP+10”   (tee pee)   25,00
-wild wonderful               LP+10”   (tee pee)   25,00
LANEGAN, MARK BAND            (alternative, blues, stoner rock from Screaming Trees frontman / Washington , USA) -gargoyle           LP   (heavenly)   26,50
MAJOR ACCIDENT              (classic 80’s style punk, Oi! band / UK)-massacred melodies            LP   (radiation)   15,80
MASTODON              (sludge metal, progressive metal / Georgia, USA)
-call of the mastodon           LP, CLEAR WITH BLUE AND GOLD SPLATTER VINYL     (relapse)   22,00
-leviathan               LP   (relapse)   24,00
MILLENCOLIN              (melodic punk rock band / SWEDEN) -life on a plate               LP   (burning heart)   19,50
MINOR THREAT            (legendary 80’s straight edge hardcore band / Washington, USA)
-salad days            7”   (dischord)   7,00
MONO               (instrumental post-rock band / JAPAN)-requiem for hell              CD   (pelagic)   15,80
MOON DUO               (space, psychedelic rock band, formed by Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / San francisco, USA)-shadows of the sun             LP+7”   (sacred bones)   24,50
NEKROMANTIX               (Danish / American psychobilly band)-brought back to life again              LP   (hellcat)   19,50
NEUROSIS              (sludge, post,metal / Oakland, USA)-times of grace            2LP   (relapse)   36,50
NIGHT BIRDS              (hardcore, punk band influenced by: Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange / N.Jersey, USA)-born to die in suburbia            LP   (taken by suprise)   13,50
NOi!SE              (street punk band / Seattle, USA)-pushing on               LP, WHITE VINYL   (pirates press)   17,80
O.S.T.-SINGLES– (Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone…)             2LP + CD   (legacy)   25,00
OBSESSED, THE              (doom metal band led by Wino / Maryland, USA)-sacred             LP   (relapse)   24,50
OFF!                (hardcore, punk band fronted by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks , Black Flag / California, USA)-live at 9:30 club            LP, COLORED VINYL   (outer battery)   17,50
OLD FIRM CASUALS, THE             (street punk , Oi! band fronted by Lars Frederiksen of Rancid / California, USA)
-for the love of it all-compilation           2LP, OXBLOOD VINYL     (randale)   27,50
-this means war               LP, WHITE WITH RED / BLUE SPLATTER VINYL    (randale)   19,50
OLD MAN GLOOM               (sludge, post metal, drone band .Members from Isis , Converge , Cave in / Massachusetts , USA)
-meditations in b              LP, 900 COPIES   (hydra head)   26,80
-seminar II – the holy rites            2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE, ORANGE VINYL   (magic bullet)   24,80
OM              (psychedelic, stoner, drone metal. Members of Sleep / California, USA) -advaitic songs            2LP   (drag city)   25,00      –      CD   (drag city)   17,50
RANCID                (punk rock, ska punk, street punk / California, USA)
-and out come the wolves           LP + POSTER   (epitaph)   19,50
-trouble maker              LP   (hellcat)   21,00       –       CD   (hellcat)   15,50
REATARDS                       (garage punk band featuring Jay Reatard / Memphis, USA)-teenage hate / fuck elvis            2LP   (goner)   28,00
RED FANG            (stoner, hard rock, metal / Oregon, USA)-murder the mountains             LP , BLACK AND WHITE MERGE VINYL    (relapse)   22,50
REFUSED-shape of punk to come            T-SHIRT, BLACK, MEDIUM   22,00
RISE AGAINST               (melodic punk rock, hardcore / Chicago, USA) -wolves          CD   (virgin)   15,80
RUSSIAN CIRCLES             (instrumental post-rock band , influenced by: Red sparowes , Isis , Mogwai / Chicago, USA) -enter           LP, CLEAR WITH BLACK SPLATTER VINYL     (sargent house)   23,50
SLAPSHOT             ( legendary old school hardcore band / Boston, USA)
-step on it               CD   (taang)   16,40
-sudden death overtime              CD   (taang)   16,40
SNFU               (legendary hardcore punk band / CANADA)
-…and no one else wanted to play           LP   (byo)   16,50
-if you swear, you’ll catch no fish               LP   (byo)   16,50
SONIC YOUTH              (alternative, noise, experimental rock band / N.York , USA)
-eternal            2LP   (matador)   27,50
-evol           LP   (goofin  ) 22,80
SPIRITUAL BEGGARS             (hard rock, stoner band / SWEDEN) -ad astra            LP + CD,  PURPLE VINYL   (music for nations)   19,50
TOY DOLLS            (punk rock band / UK)
-absurd-ditties            LP, YELLOW VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   23,50
-fat bob’s feet            LP, PINK VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   23,50
WAITS, TOM              (rock, experimental, folk, blues, jazz singer – songwriter / California, USA)
-lie to me              7”   (epitaph)   6,50
-mule variations            2LP + CD    (anti)   22,00
WARCRY               (d-beat band. Members / ex-members from: Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Estranged / USA)-savage machinery              LP   (agipunk)   15,00
WOLFBRIGADE               (crust, hardcore punk band / SWEDEN)-run with the hunted              LP   (southern lord)   18,50
WOLFE, CHELSEA             (folk, drone, experimental singer – songwriter / California, USA)
-grime and the glow            LP, BLACK / GREY SWIRL VINYL    (sargent house)   25,00
-pain is beauty             2LP   (sargent house)   28,50
-unknown rooms: a collection of acoustic songs               LP   (sargent house)   23,00
WOODEN SHJIPS            (psychedelic , space , drone , garage rock / San francisco , USA)-dos             LP   (holy mountain)   23,00
YOB              (doom metal / Oregon, USA)-clearing the path to…            CD   (neurot)   15,90
ZEKE               (punk rock, speedrock, hardcore band / Washington, USA)-flat tracker            LP   (no label)   15,00

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