ΑΓΓΕΛΑΚΑΣ, ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ & ΟΙ 100ο C -ήσυχα τραγούδια για ανέμελα λιβάδια             LP+BOOK   (alltogethernow)   18,00
ΣΙΔΗΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, ΠΑΥΛΟΣ ΚΑΙ ΟΙ ΑΠΡΟΣΑΡΜΟΣΤΟΙ-an club live, 1990              LP, YELLOW VINYL, 120 COPIES, NUMBERED   (b-otherside)   21,50


ALGIERS                (post-punk, indei, gospel band  / Georgia, USA)-the underside of power            LP, CREAM MARBLED VINYL   (matador)   23,50
ARCADE FIRE              (Indie rock, baroque pop, art rock, post-punk revival / CANADA)
-funeral            LP   (rough trade)   22,00
-suburbs          2LP   (city slang)   23,50
BAD BRAINS           (legendary hardcore, reggae, dub band / Washington, USA) -bad brains          LP   (roir)   18,50
BLACK FLAG              (legendary hardcore, punk band / California, USA)
-damaged             LP   (sst)   19,50      –      CD   (sst)   17,50
-jealous again            12”   (sst)   13,00
-louie louie             7”   (sst)   8,80
CLASH, THE             (legendary punk rock band / UK)-sandinista            2CD   (sony)   12,80
DEAD CAN DANCE             (neoclassical dark, ethereal wave / UK, AUSTRALIA) -aion           LP   (4ad)   24,50
DESCENDENTS            (classic punk rock, hardcore band / California, USA)
-i don’t want to grow up           CD   (sst)   17,50
-milo goes to college           LP   (sst)   19,50      –      CD   (sst)   17,50
EXPLOITED, THE                 (legendary punk band / SCOTLAND) -troops of tomorrow / apocalypse tour            2CD   (anagram)   16,00
FUTURE ISLANDS                  (indie, alternative pop band  /  North Carolina, USA)-the far field           LP   (4ad)   24,00
FUZZTONES, THE             (legendary garage band / N.York, USA) -lysergic emanations           LP   (hound gawd)   20,00
GUN CLUB, THE              (punk blues, deathrock, cowpunk band / California, USA)-las vegas story          2CD   (cooking vinyl)   14,00
HARVEY, P.J.              (alternative, experimental rock, punk blues singer-songwriter / UK ) -to bring you my love               LP   (island)   17,50
HELLACOPTERS, THE                (rock’n’roll, garage, hard rock band / SWEDEN)-rock’n’roll is dead          CD   (universal)   11,00
HELMET             (alternative rock, metal / N.York , USA)-meantime             LP   (interscope)   25,00
HENDRIX, JIMI EXPERIENCE              (legendary psychedelic, hard rock, blues singer, guitarist, songwritter / Washington, USA) -axis: bold as love            CD   (sony)   11,00
HUSKER DU              (classic alternative rock, punk band / Minessota , USA)
-eight miles high           7”   (sst)   8,80
-new day rising          CD  (sst)   17,50
-zen arcade           2LP   (sst)   26,00
IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC                (garage, rock’n’roll band fronted by Nicke Andersson of The Hellacopters / SWEDEN)-honk machine             LP   (psychout)   25,50
JUDGE DREAD              (legendary skinhead reggae, ska artist / UK)-last of the skinheads           LP   (spirit of 69)   23,40
KALAMATA              (instrumental, psychedelic, stoner rock band / GERMANY)-disruption            LP, ORANGE / BLACK MARBLED VINYL , 500 COPIES    (zygmatron)   19,80
KILLING JOKE           (post-punk, industrial / UK) -absolute dissent            CD   (spinefarm)   9,50
MINUTEMEN           (hardcore, alternative rock, post-punk / Los angeles, USA)
-ballot result           2LP   (sst)   26,00
-buzz or howl under…          MINI LP   (sst)   15,50
-politics of time            LP   (sst)   19,50
-punch line             LP   (sst)   19,50
MISFITS, THE             (legendary punk, horror punk band / N.Jersey , USA)-american psycho         CD   (geffen)   13,00
NATIONAL            (indie rock, post-punk revival / Ohio , USA)
-alligator          LP, LIME GREEN VINYL   (4ad)   21,00
-boxer            LP , YELLOW VINYL   (4ad)   21,00
-high violet         2LP   (4ad)   23,50
-trouble will find me               2LP   (4ad)   23,50
NIRVANA             (legendary grunge, alternative rock band / Washington , USA)
-in utero            LP   (geffen)   22,50
-never mind            LP   (geffen)   19,80
NOFX             (melodic punk rock / California, USA) -first ditch effort              CD   (fat wreck)   17,50
PABLO, AUGUSTUS                (roots, reggae, dub / JAMAICA)-this is augustus pablo             LP   (17 north)   17,00
PARTISANS               (classic punk band / UK) -police story            CD   (cherry red)   16,00
PEARL JAM             (grunge , alternative rock / Washington , USA)-lightning bolt           CD   (universal)   9,80
PINK FLOYD          (legendary progressive, psychedelic rock band / UK)
-dark side of the moon            LP   (pfr)   20,00
-division bell           2LP   (pfr)   24,00
-wall              2LP   (pfr)   25,00
POP, IGGY                 (alternative, punk, garage, glam rock singer-songwriter , best known from the Stooges / Michigan, USA)-lust for life            LP   (virgin)   22,50
PORCUPINE TREE            (progressive, alternative , psychedelic rock / UK)-sky moves sideways             2LP   (k-scope)  31,00
PORTISHEAD               (alternative, electronic rock, trip hop band / UK) -portishead           2LP   (go beat)   25,50
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE               (alternative, stoner rock band founded by Josh Homme of Kyuss / California, USA)-like clockwork            2LP   (matador)   23,00
REAL MCKENZIES              (celtic punk rock band / CANADA)-the devils will talk         CD   (fat wreck)   17,00
SAINT VITUS                  (classic doom metal band / L.Angeles, USA) -born too late           LP   (sst)   19,50
SICK OF IT ALL               (classic hardcore band / N.York, USA) -death to tyrants,  based on a true story,  nonstop                3CD   (c.media)   15,00
SOCIAL DISTORTION              (classic punk rock, rock’n’roll band / California , USA) -somewhere between heaven and hell            CD  (sony)   9,80
SOUNDGARDEN             (grunge,alternative rock / Washington, USA) -louder than love              LP   (a&m)   21,00
STROLLERS, THE              (garage revival band / SWEDEN)-tough hits            LP   (low impact)   24,80
TINDERSTICKS               (indie rock , chamber pop / UK) -minute bodies           LP+DVD, 3000 COPIES   (city slang)  31,00
WHITE, JACK               (…from White Stripes / Detroit , USA) -blunderbuss                LP   (third man)   23,00
WOLF EYES                (experimental, noise rock / Michigan, USA)-undertow           LP   (lower floor)   25,50
WOVENHAND               (alternative country, neofolk band led by former 16 Horsepower lead singer / Denver , USA)
-laughing stalk            LP+CD   (glitterhouse)   22,00
-star treatment             CD   (glitterhouse)   15,80
-ten stones              LP   (sounds fam.)   22,00

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