ΤΡΥΠΕΣ              (legendary alternative rock band / GREECE)-τρύπες               LP, WHITE VINYL   (mlk)   23,00
LOST BODIES                ( post-punk, electronica / GREECE)-on vinyl at last – compilation           LP, PINK VINYL, 100 COPIES   (b-otherside)   23,00
TEARDROPS, THE          ( garage band  / GREECE )– You never loved me/Girl of mine              7”, 350 COPIES   (b-otherside)   8,50


BAD RELIGION-against the grain            T-SHIRT, BLACK, MEDIUM   17,00
BARONESS              (progressive, sludge, stoner band / Georgia, USA) -red album            LP, HOT PINK VINYL     (relapse)   29,50
BIG BLACK            (80’s noise rock, post, punk band, founded by Steve Albini / Illinois , USA)
-atomizer           LP   (touch+go)   22,00
-songs about fucking               LP   (touch+go)   22,00
BLACK FLAG-everything went black            T-SHIRT , BLACK,  MEDIUM     17,00
BLACK HEART PROCESSION, THE               (indie rock / California , USA)-three               LP   (touch+go)   19,80
BLACK MOUNTAIN              (psychedelic rock, stoner band / CANADA)-IV            2LP   (jagjaguwar)   26,00
BORIS               (experimental metal, drone, sludge band / JAPAN)-pink             3LP, DELUXE EDITION   (sargent house)   39,50
CATHEDRAL              (doom metal / UK)-last spire           2LP, SILVER VINYL   (rise above)   28,50
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS              (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)
-henry’s dream              LP   (mute)   23,00
-let love in             LP   (mute)   23,00
CONVERGE            (metalcore, mathcore / Massachusetts, USA) -all we love we leave behind           2LP, RED VINYL   (deathwish)   28,50
CRUDE SS              (80’s hardcore band / SWEDEN)-who’ll survive – compilation             LP   (radiation)   15,60
CULT OF LUNA              (sludge, post-metal band / SWEDEN)-mariner             2LP, YELLOW SPLATTER VINYL     (indie)   26,50
DAG NASTY             (melodic hardcore band / Wahington, USA)-wig out at denkos            LP   (dischord)   19,50
DEAD CAN DANCE               (neoclassical dark, ethereal wave / UK, AUSTRALIA) -within the realm of a dying sun             LP   (4ad)   22,80
DROPDEAD                (hardcore, powerviolence band / Providence / USA)-dropdead 1998           LP, BURGUNDY VINYL     (armagedon)   23,50
EARTHLESS                (insrumental, psychedelic, space rock / California, USA)
-from the ages             2LP, ORANGE VINYL   (tee pee)   28,00
-rhythms from the cosmic sky            LP, BLUE MARBLE VINYL   (tee pee)   21,00
-sonic prayer                 LP, GREEN VINYL   (gravity)   19,00
EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN            (industrial , avant-garde , experimental / GERMANY)
-alles wieder offen            CD   (potomak)   16,50
-silence is sexy            2LP   (potomak)   29,00      –      CD   (potomak)   16,50
EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY                (instrumental post rock band , influenced by Mogwai / Texas , USA)-earth is not a cold dead place                2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE     (temp.res.)   23,50
FALL OF EFRAFA                    (crust, post-metal, sludge band / UK)-tharn             MINI LP, ETCHED B-SIDE   (alerta antifascista)   14,50
GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR            (instrumental post-rock / CANADA)
-f#a#o              LP   (constellation)   22,50
-lift your skinny fists…           2LP   (constellation)   28,50
-slow riot for new…            LP   (constellation)   21,00
GRINDERMAN              (alternative rock, blues punk, noise rock band , featuring Nick Cave , Warren Ellis , Jim Sclavunos ) -grinderman 2               LP + CD +16 PAGE BOOKLET + POSTER   (mute)   21,50
INTERRUPTERS, THE               (female fronted ska,punk band, influenced by:Rancid, Distillers / L.Angeles, USA)-say it out loud               LP, ORANGE VINYL   (hellcat)   19,50
INTO ANOTHER               (90’s post-hardcore, alternative metal, grunge band / N.York, USA)-ignaurus                LP, BLUE VINYL   (revelation)   21,50
JAPANDROIDS               (noise, indie, garage rock duo / CANADA)-near to the wild heart of life               LP + 24-PAGE BOOKLET + POSTER     (anti)   20,00
JESUS LIZARD              (noise, post hardcore, alternative band / Texas , USA) -goat              LP   (touch+go)   25,80
MAKE UP                (indie, post-punk, garage band / Washington , USA) -destination:love            LP   (dischord)   19,80
MANO NEGRA              (ska, alternative rock, latin band fronted by Manu Chao / FRANCE)-king of bongo              LP   (no label)   14,50
MONO              (instrumental post-rock band / JAPAN)
-hymn to the immortal wind               2LP   (temp.res.)   26,50
-part one: the last dawn               LP   (pelagic)   18,80
-under the pipal tree               2LP   (temp.res.)   29,00
NEGATIVE APPROACH               (legendary hardcore band / Michigan, USA)-tied down              LP   (touch+go)   19,50
NEUROSIS               (sludge, post,metal / Oakland, USA)-times of grace              2LP   (relapse)   36,50
PELICAN                 (instrumental post-metal, sludge, post-rock band / Illinois, USA)
-forever becoming              CD   (southern lord)   16,00
-the fire in our throat…                 2LP, BLACK / BLUE SPLATTER VINYL   (hydrahead)   29,80
RANCID-honor is all we know            T-SHIRT,  BLACK,  LARGE      17,50
REATARD, JAY               ( garage rock, garage punk / Memphis, USA)-blood visions               LP   (fat possum)   25,00
REFUSED               (punk, post hardcore, experimental band / SWEDEN) -shape of punk to come               2LP, SILVER VINYL   (epitaph)   23,50
RIOT SQUAD               (80’s punk band / UK)-fuck the tories: Complete singles collection 1982-1984                   LP   (radiation)   16,50
RUSSIAN CIRCLES                 (instrumental post-rock band , influenced by: Red sparowes , Isis , Mogwai / Chicago, USA)
-geneva             2LP   (sargent house)   26,50
-station               CD   (suicide squeeze)   16,00
SEGALL, TY            (lo-fi, alternative, garage / San francisco , USA)
-manipulator              2LP   (drag city)   27,00
-ty segall   (2017)                 LP   (drag city)   24,00
SEGALL, TY + WHITE FENCE-hair              LP   (drag city)   22,50
SHINS, THE                 (indie pop – rock band  / New Mexico,USA)-heartworms           LP   (columbia)   22,50
SLAPSHOT                (legendary old school hardcore band / Boston, USA) -back on the map                LP   (no label)   15,00
SLEAFORD MODS                (post-punk, hip-hop, spoken word duo  / UK)-english tapas           LP, RED VINYL   (rough trade)   23,00
SLEEP             (stoner, doom metal / California, USA) -dopesmoker             2LP, GREEN TRANSPARENT VINYL     (southern lord)   33,00
SLINT              (math rock, indie rock / Kentucky, USA)
-slint              10”   (touch+go)   14,00
-spiderland                LP   (touch+go)   19,80
SONIC YOUTH               (alternative, noise, experimental rock band / N.York , USA)-sister             LP   (goofin’)   25,50
STRUMMER, JOE AND THE MESCALEROS              (frontman of The Clash / UK)-Acton town hall, 15/11/2002, London             2LP   (hellcat)   22,00
THEE SILVER MT. ZION                (post rock band / CANADA)-kollaps tradixionales             2 x 10”   (constellation)   31,50
VITAMIN X               (straight edge hardcore / NETHERLANDS)-about to crack             LP   (agipunk)   15,50
WAITS, TOM               (rock, experimental, folk, blues, jazz singer – songwriter / California, USA)
-bad as me             LP+CD   (anti)   22,00
-real gone              2LP   (anti)   22,50
WARZONE                 (legendary hardcore band / N.York / USA) -fight for justice              LP   (victory)   21,50
WOLFPACK              (crust, hardcore punk band, later became Wolfbrigade / SWEDEN)-lycanthro punk              LP   (southern lord)   21,50
WOVENHAND                (alternative country, neofolk band led by former 16 Horsepower lead singer / Denver , USA) -consider the birds                LP, PURPLE MARBLED VINYL   (sounds familyre)   21,50
ZEKE                   (rock’n’roll, hardcore band / Washington, USA)-flat tracker             LP   (no label)   15,00

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