A PERFECT CIRCLE              (alternative rock, metal band formed in 1999 by Tool’s vocalist Maynard Keenan / California, USA)-thirteenth step              2LP   (virgin)   25,00
ACID BATH                (90′s sludge, doom band / N.Orlean, USA)
-paegan terrorism tactics            CD   (rotten)   15,50
-when the kite strings…            CD   (rotten)   16,50
ALLAH LAS              (surf, garage, psychedelic rock band / L.Angeles, USA)-calico review            LP   (mexican summer)   25,00
ARCADE FIRE              (Indie rock, baroque pop, art rock, post-punk revival / CANADA) -suburbs             2LP   (city slang)   23,50
AT THE DRIVE- IN                 (alternative, post-hardcore band. Later members of Mars Volta / Texas, USA)-relationship of command              LP   (transgresive)   32,00
BAD BRAINS                (legendary hardcore, reggae, dub band / Washington, USA) -rock for light               CD   (virgin)   13,00
BLACK SABBATH              (legendary hard rock, metal band / UK)
-black sabbath            LP   (sanctuary)   24,50
-paranoid            LP   (sanctuary)   24,50
-sabbath bloody sabbath            LP  (sanctuary)   24,50
BOWIE, DAVID             (art rock , pop, electronic rock singer-songwriter / UK)
-david bowie (aka space oddity)             LP   (parlophone)   22,00
-station to station               LP   (parlophone)   21,00
CASH, JOHNNY                ( legendary country, rock’n’roll , gospel singer-songwritter / USA)-american III: solitary man            LP   (american recordings)   23,00
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS             (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)-skeleton tree              CD   (bad seed)   16,00
CONVERGE                (metalcore, mathcore / Massachusetts, USA) -jane doe            CD   (equal vision)   16,50
CRAMPS, THE             (legendary psychobilly , rockabilly , punk band / California , USA)-smell of female           LP   (big beat)   17,00
CURE, THE              (new wave, post-punk, gothic rock band / UK) -standing on a beach-the singles             LP   (fiction)   18,00
DEEP REDUCTION             (garage rock band, members from Radio Birdman, Stump Wizards / AUSTRALIA)
-deep reduction           LP, TRANSPARENT VINYL   (get hip)   16,40
-deep reduction 2           LP, RED VINYL   (get hip)   21,80
DESCENDENTS              (classic punk rock, hardcore band / California, USA) -cool to be you             CD   (fat wreck)   12,00
DROPKICK MURPHYS             (celtic punk rock band / Massachusetts, USA)-live on Lansdowne Boston, 2009                     CD+DVD   (cooking vinyl)   18,00
FAITH NO MORE           (alternative metal, rock band / California , USA) -album of the year+rare tracks+live               2LP   (slash)   25,50
FEAR              (legendary hardcore,punk band / California, USA)-record            LP   (rhino)   26,50
FLAMING LIPS            (neo-psychedelia, space rock, dream pop, alternative / Oklahoma , USA) -oczy mloby            LP   (bella union)   24,50
FOO FIGHTERS              (alternative rock, hard rock band, founded by Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Washington , USA)
-colour and the shape             2LP   (legacy)   22,80
-foo fighters             2LP   (legacy)   21,00
-one by one              2LP   (legacy)   24,00
-there is nothing left to lose             2LP   (legacy)   22,80
GRAILS             (instrumental, psychedelic, post rock, experimental band / Oregon, USA) -deep politics               2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (temp.residence)   29,00
GRAVEYARD            (hard, psychedelic rock, blues rock / SWEDEN) -lights out            LP      (n.blast)      25,00      –      CD   (n.blast)   13,50
HIVES, THE              (garage, rock’n’roll, punk rock band / SWEDEN)-tyrannosaurus hives            LP   (interscope)   34,50
HORRORPOPS, THE                  (female fronted psychobilly , punk band / DENMARK)-bring it on              LP, RED VINYL   (hellcat)   26,00
INTERPOL               (indie rock, post punk / N.York , USA) -el pintor            LP, RED VINYL    (soft limit)   23,00
JOY DIVISION             (legendary 70’s post punk band / UK)
-best of            2CD   (rhino)   11,00
-closer             LP   (factory)   21,50
KILLING JOKE             (post-punk, industrial / UK) -pylon            2LP   (spinefarm)   25,00
MASSIVE ATTACK              ( trip hop band / UK)-mezzanine             2LP   (virgin)   24,50
MASTODON              (sludge metal, progressive metal / Georgia, USA)
-blood mountain                   LP, GREEN MARBLED VINYL     (reprise)   21,50
-crack the sky           LP   (relapse)   21,50
-hunter              LP   (roadrunner)   21,50
MECANO             (legendary post-punk, new wave, art-rock band / NETHERLANDS)-mecano unlimited               LP   (out of print)   22,00
MOTORHEAD                (legendary metal, rock’n’roll band / UK)-overkill            LP   (bronze)   23,00
PEARL JAM              (grunge , alternative rock / Washington , USA)-ten             2LP   (epic)   36,00
PENNYWISE               (melodic punk, hardcore band / California, USA) -full circle           CD   (epitaph)   12,00
PRIMAL SCREAM            (alternative, psychedelic, indie rock band / SCOTLAND)
-primal scream            LP   (1972)   18,00
-sonic flower groove             LP   (1972)   18,00
RAVEONETTES, THE                (noise pop, indie, shoegaze / DENMARK) -lust lust lust             LP   (vice)   22,50
SMASHING PUMPKINS               (alternative rock / Illinois, USA)
-gish            LP   (virgin)   25,00
-mellon collie and the infinite sadness        4LP + 2 BOOKS   (virgin)   99,50
SOCIAL DISTORTION                (classic punk rock, rock’n’roll band / California , USA) -prison bound              CD   (time bomb)   15,50
SPACEMEN 3              (alternative rock, neo-psychedelia, space rock band / UK)
-performance             LP   (fire)   23,50
-sound of confusion             LP   (fire)   23,50
SUBLIME                 (ska punk, alternative rock, dub / California, USA) -robbin’ the hood             CD   (gasoline alley)   14,50
SUMAC             (post-metal, sludge band.Members from: Isis, Baptists, Old Man Gloom / USA)-what one becomes              2LP   (thrill jockey)   23,00
SUNN O)))             (drone, experimental, noise band / Washington, USA)
-black one              2LP   (southern lord)   28,50
-kannon              LP   (southern lord)   24,00
TOOL                  (alternative metal , progressive rock / California, USA)-10.000 days               CD   (volcano)   17,00
WINDHAND                (stoner, doom band / Virginia, USA)-grief’s infernal flower             CD   (relapse)   16,50
V/A-MONKEY BUSINESS-THE DEFINITIVE SKINHEAD REGGAE COLLECTION-(Maytals, Upsetters, Pioneers…)               2CD   (trojan)   25,00

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