ANGRY SAMOANS              (70’s hardcore punk band / California, USA)-too animalistic: the 1978 demos           LP   (bad trip)   17,00
BARB WIRE DOLLS              ( Greek female fronted punk rock band based in USA)-rub my mind                LP, WHITE VINYL   (silver lining)   23,00
BIAFRA, JELLO AND MELVINS–never breathe what you can’t see            LP   (alt.tent.)   16,80
BLACK ANGELS, THE               (psychedelic, indie, garage rock / Texas , USA)-death song           2LP   (partisan)   28,50
BLACK LIPS               (garage, psychedelic, lo-fi band / Georgia, USA)-satan’s graffiti or god’s art?              2LP   (vice)   27,50
BLODHOUND GANG, THE               (alternative rock, hip hop, punk rock band / Pennsylvania, USA)-hooray for boobies             CD   (geffen)   8,50
BOWIE, DAVID              (art rock , pop, electronic rock singer-songwriter / UK)-no plan              12”, ETCHED B-SIDE   (columbia)   15,00
COCK SPARRER             (legendary punk , Oi! band / UK) -shock troops            LP, RED / GREEN MARBLED VINYL    (pirate press)   17,00
CURE, THE             (new wave, post-punk, gothic rock band / UK) -head on the door            LP   (fiction)   21,50
DARK, THE              (80’s punk band / UK)-chemical warfare +10 bonus tracks               2LP, RSD 2017 RELEASE, CLEAR VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   26,50
-holiday in cambodia             T-SHIRT, BLACK, MEDIUM      22,00
-in god we trust             T-SHIRT, BLACK, MEDIUM       22,00
ELDER                (similar to: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Colour Haze / Boston, USA)-reflections of a floating world            2LP, SEAFOM GREEN VINYL    (stickman)   37,00
FIVE HORSE JOHNSON             (stoner, blues, southern rock band / Ohio, USA)-jake leg boogie             LP, GOLD VINYL, 500 COPIES   (small stone)   24,50
FLOGGING MOLLY               (celtic punk, folk punk, punk rock / California, USA) -live at the greek theatre                2CD+DVD   (side one dummy)   16,00
IF THESE TREES COULD TALK              (great instrumental post-rock band / Ohio, USA)-bones of a dying world             2LP , ETCHED D-SIDE    (metal blade)   25,80
MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?             (surf, space, electronic rock / USA)-live at third man records              LP   (third man)   19,00
MASTODON                (sludge metal, progressive metal / Georgia, USA) -remission             2LP   (relapse)   24,50
MOON DUO               (space, ambient, psychedelic rock band, formed by Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips / San francisco, USA)-occult architecture vol.2               LP   (sacred bones)   24,00
MYRRORS, THE              (psychedelic, experimental rock band / Arizona, USA)-hasta la victoria             LP   (beyond beyond)   25,50
PENTAGRAM              (classic doom band / Virginia , USA) -relentless              LP   (peaceville)   27,50
PIXX               (electronic, dream pop singer-songwriter / UK)-the age of anxiety         CD   (4ad)   17,00
POWERFLO              (rap metal, rapcore band, members from: Cypress Hill, Biohazard, Downset / USA)-powerflo           LP   (new damage)   26,00
RADIOHEAD              (alternative, experimental rock, electronic / UK)-in rainbows            LP   (xl)   21,00
RISE AGAINST               (melodic punk rock, hardcore / Chicago, USA) -wolves              LP   (virgin)   23,50
SCREAMING TREES             (grunge, alternative rock band , featuring Mark Lanegan / Washington , USA) -sweet oblivion           CD   (epic)   8,00
SOUNDGARDEN                (grunge,alternative rock / Washington, USA) -screaming life / fopp             2LP   (sub pop)   22,00
TELEVISION PERSONALITIES              (legendary post-punk band / UK)
-and don’t the kids just…            LP  (fire)   25,00
-mummy you’re not watching me             LP   (fire)   25,00
-painted word           LP   (fire)   25,00
-they could have been bigger than beatles               LP   (fire)   25,00
TERROR               (hardcore, moshcore band / Los angeles, USA) -the walls will fall               7”, ORANGE VINYL   (triple-b)   9,00
V8 WANKERS                  (high speed punk’n’roll band / GERMANY)-that’s my piece              MINI LP+CD, 250 COPIES, NUMBERED    (street justice)   24,50

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