ABRASIVE WHEELS               (80’s punk band / UK) -when the punks go..            CD   (captain oi)   16,40
ACCIDENT              ( 80’s punk band, formerly known as Major Accident / UK)-a clockworg legion                  LP   (daily)   18,50
AMEBIX             (crust, punk, metal band / UK)-arise           2CD   (amebix)   16,80
AT THE DRIVE- IN             (alternative, post-hardcore band. Later members of Mars Volta / Texas, USA)-acrobatic tenement           LP, RED VINYL   (twenty first chapter)   26,00
AUERBACH, DAN                (..from Black Keys /Ohio , USA )-waiting on a song            LP   (easy eye sound)   26,00
BAD BRAINS              (legendary hardcore, reggae, dub band / Washington, USA) -into the future           LP ,  GREEN VINYL    (megaforce)   21,00
BAD MANNERS              (legendary ska band / UK)-return of the ugly            LP   (mad butcher)   15,50
BOOZE AND GLORY              (street punk, Oi! band / UK)-chapter IV            LP   (burning heart)   23,50
BORIS               (drone, experimental, doom band / JAPAN)-dear           2LP   (sargent house)   34,00
BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE            (psychedelic rock, lo-fi, garage, shoegaze / California , USA)
-dropping bombs on the sun            10”   (a rec.)   15,00
-spacegirl            LP, GREEN TRANSLUCENT VINYL    (a rec.)   14,40
CHILDISH, WILD BILLY + CTMF           (garage punk, indie rock, punk blues / UK)
-acorn man             LP   (damaged goods)   17,00
-sq1            LP, LIGHT GREEN VINYL     (damaged goods)   24,60
COCK SPARRER              (legendary punk , Oi! band / UK) -here we stand            LP+CD+DVD, OXBLOOD VINYL     (pirates press)   24,00
CRAMPS, THE              (legendary psychobilly , rockabilly , punk band / California , USA)
-bad music for bad people          LP, YELLOW VINYL     (no label)   16,50
-de lux album – early  7”s + 12”s compilation           LP   (no label)   17,00
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX               (progressive , psychedelic , post rock band / UK)-mankind the crafty ape           2LP   (cool green)   25,00
CRUCIFIX             (80’s anarcho-punk, hardcore band / California, USA)-dehumanization             LP   (no label)   16,50
DEAD BOYS             (legendary 70’s punk rock band / N. York, USA) -young loud and snotty           LP , GREEN VINYL    (sire)   21,50
DEAD MOON            (garage rock, punk / Oregon, USA)
-defiance            CD   (m’lady’s)   15,00
-in the graveyard            LP   (mississippi)   18,50      –      CD   (m’lady’s)   15,00
-unknown passage           CD   (m’lady’s)   15,00
DROPKICK MURPHYS               (celtic punk rock band / Massachusetts, USA)-live on St. Patrick’s day              2LP   (hellcat)   26,00
DWARVES               (garage, punk rock band / Chicago, USA) -blood, guts and pussy             LP   (sub pop)   21,00
ELDER             (similar to: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Colour Haze / Boston, USA)-lore           2LP,  CLEAR / BLUE SWIRL VINYL    (armageddon)   39,50
ELECTRIC MOON             (psychedelic, space rock band / GERMANY)-stardust rituals            LP, YELLOW / BLACK MARBLED VINYL   (sulatron)   20,00
ELECTRIC WIZARD             (doom metal band / UK)
-electric wizard            LP   (rise above)   25,50
-witchcult today             2LP   (rise above)   29,80
FLEET FOXES                (indie folk band / Washington, USA)-crack up             2LP   (nonesuch)   27,00
FOO FIGHTERS               (alternative rock, hard rock band, founded by Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Washington , USA)
-colour and the shape             2LP   (legacy)   23,50
-wasting light             2LP   (rca)   22,50
GRAND MAGUS             (heavy, doom metal band / SWEDEN) -monument           LP, BLUE VINYL   (rise above)   25,00
KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD               (psychedelic, acid, progressive rock band / AUSTRALIA)-paper mache dream balloon              LP   (heavenly)   25,00
MELVINS              (sludge, grunge, metal, experimental band / Washington , USA) -a walk with love and death               2LP BOX,  PINK / VIOLET VINYLS   (ipecac)   38,50      –      CD   (ipecac)   16,00
MESSER CHUPS               (surf, experimental band / RUSSIA)-spooky hook             LP   (trash wax)   21,50
MOBY               (electronica, trip hop singer – songwriter / N.York, USA)-play             2LP   (mute)   34,00
MONSTER MAGNET            (stoner, hard, psychedelic, space rock / New jersey , USA)
-god says no             CD   (a&m)   9,50
-powertrip              CD   (a&m)   9,50
MY SLEEPING KARMA              (instrumental psychedelic, stoner, progressive rock / GERMANY)-moksha            2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (napalm)   27,00
MYSTIC BRAVES              (psychedelic, garage, surf band / L.Angeles, USA)-days of the yesteryear          LP   (lolipop)   23,80
NIRVANA             (legendary grunge, alternative rock band / Washington , USA) -in utero            LP   (geffen)   22,80
OBSESSED, THE               (doom metal band led by Wino / Maryland, USA)-sacred             LP   (relapse)   22,00
OFF!               (hardcore, punk band fronted by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks , Black Flag / California, USA)-wasted years           CD   (vice)   16,00
OFFSPRING               (melodic punk rock band / California, USA)-smash             LP   (epitaph, Usa)   26,00
OPERATION IVY               ( 80’s ska punk band, later members of Rancid / California, USA) -energy               LP   (hellcat, Usa)   26,00
PEARL JAM              (grunge , alternative rock / Washington , USA)-lightning bolt               LP   (monkeywrench)   25,00
PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING              (experimental, electronica, kraut rock / UK)-every valley             LP   (pias)   25,00
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS              (alternative rock, funk / Los Angeles, USA)-one hot minute              LP   (warner)   26,00
RUSSIAN CIRCLES                (instrumental post-rock band , influenced by: Red sparowes , Isis , Mogwai / Chicago, USA) -memorial             CD   (sargent house)   16,00
SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT                (psychedelic, stoner, space rock band / GERMANY)-one with the universe                 CD   (electric magic)   17,50
SATELLITERS, THE              (garage punk band / GERMANY)
-more of the satelliters               LP, DARK RED TRANSPARENT VINYL    (dionysus)   18,80
-zahstelhomalex             LP   (soundflat)   16,40
SMASHING PUMPKINS              (alternative rock / Illinois, USA)
-gish            LP   (virgin)   25,00
-mellon collie and the infinite sadness               3LP   (no label)   65,00
SOUNDGARDEN            (grunge,alternative rock / Washington, USA) -superunknown – 20th anniversary remastered             2LP   (a&m)   26,00
SS DECONTROL              (80’s straight edge hardcore band / Boston, USA)-the kids will have their say            LP   (no label)   17,00
SWELL MAPS               (avant-garde , post-punk band / UK)-sweep the desert             LP   (alive)   18,80
TOOL               (alternative metal , progressive rock / California, USA)
-10.000 days           CD   (volcano)   17,00
-aenima           2LP   (no label)   34,00
WIPERS                (legendary punk, post punk, alternative rock band / Oregon, USA)-better off dead             7”, RSD 2017 RELEASE, 2000 COPIES   (jackpot)   13,50
ZERO BOYS             (hardcore, punk band / Indianapolis , USA)-vicious circle           LP   (secretly canadian)   22,00
ZU             (experimental, punk, jazzcore band / ITALY)-carboniferous            LP   (subsound)   21,50

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