ACID BATH                (90′s sludge, doom band / N.Orlean, USA)-when the kite string pops             2LP   (rotten)   29,50
ALL THEM WITCHES             (blues, stoner, psychedelic rock band / Tennessee, USA)-sleeping through the war           LP   (new west)   24,50
ALLAH LAS              (surf, garage, psychedelic rock band / L.Angeles, USA)-calico review               LP   (mexican summer)   25,00
ARCADE FIRE                         (Indie rock, baroque pop, art rock, post-punk revival / CANADA) -everything now             LP   (sonovox)   23,00      –      CD   (sonovox)   15,00
BAD RELIGION              (melodic punk rock, hardcore / California, USA)
-no control              LP   (epitaph, Usa)   26,00
-recipe for hate              LP   (epitaph, USA)   26,00
BLACK LIPS               (garage,punk / Georgia, USA)-arabia mountain              LP   (vice)   24,80
CASH, JOHNNY                ( legendary country, rock’n’roll , gospel singer-songwritter / USA)-american IV: man comes around               2LP   (american recordings)   26,50
CAVE, NICK AND THE BAD SEEDS              (alternative rock, post-punk, blues-punk / AUSTRALIA)-skeleton tree             LP   (bad seed)   25,00
CIGARETTES AFTER SEX                (shoegaze, dream pop band  / Texas, USA)-cigarettes after sex              LP   (partisan)   24,00
CONFLICT            (classic anarcho-punk band / UK)
-increase the pressure              LP, GREY VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   18,00
-there’s no power without control – the singles             2LP , WHITE VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   20,00
CULT OF LUNA                 (sludge, post-metal band / SWEDEN)-live at la gaite lyrique, Paris      3LP, 1000 COPIES, NUMBERED,   ORANGE / YELLOW SPLATTER VINYL  (indie)      33,50      –      2CD+DVD   (indie)   24,50
DEAD KENNEDYS                (legendary hardcore, punk band / California, USA) -fresh fruit for rotting vegetables            LP   (manifesto)   25,00
EARTHLESS                (insrumental, psychedelic, space rock / California, USA) -from the ages              2LP, YELLOW VINYL     (tee pee)   26,50
EARTHLESS              (insrumental, psychedelic, space rock / California, USA)      /      HARSH TOKE      (acid, psychedelic rock band / USA)-acid crusher/mount swan            LP, BLUE SPLATTER VINYL   (tee pee)   22,00
ELECTRIC WIZARD            (doom metal band / UK) -witchcult today            2LP   (rise above)   26,50
FEELIES, THE              (post-punk band, alternative rock band / N.Jersey, USA) 
-crazy rhythms                LP   (domino)   22,00
-in between                LP   (bar/none)   24,00
GOGOL BORDELLO            (folk punk, gypsy punk band / N.York, USA)-seekers and finders             LP   (cooking vinyl)   18,80
HARVEY, P.J.                  (alternative, experimental rock, punk blues singer-songwriter / UK ) -let england shake              LP   (island)   21,50
HENDRIX, JIMI EXPERIENCE                  (legendary psychedelic, hard rock, blues singer, guitarist, songwritter / Washington, USA) -are you experienced               2LP   (legacy)   24,50
ISIS                    (post rock, metal, sludge / Los angeles , USA) -live VII             2LP   (ipecac)   30,00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE               (shoegaze, post punk, indie / SCOTLAND)-psychocandy                LP   (repsise)   24,00
JOY DIVISION              (legendary 70’s post punk band / UK) -unknown pleasures              LP   (factory)   21,50
MASTODON             (sludge metal, progressive metal / Georgia, USA) -leviathan            LP   (relapse)   24,00
MELVINS              (sludge, grunge, metal, experimental band / Washington , USA) -houdini              LP   (third man)   29,50
MISFITS, THE               (legendary punk, horror punk band / N.Jersey , USA)-project 1950                LP , YELLOW VINYL    (misfits)   23,50
MOBY              (electronica, trip hop singer – songwriter / N.York, USA)-play              2LP   (mute)   34,00
MONSTER MAGNET              (stoner, hard, psychedelic, space rock / New jersey , USA) -monolithic baby                CD   (spv)   9,50
MOORE, THURSTON                 (…of Sonic Youth / N.York , USA)-rock’n’roll consciousness           LP   (caroline)   23,00      –      2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (caroline)   26,50
MOTORHEAD             (legendary metal, rock’n’roll band / UK)-overkill             LP   (bronze)   23,00
PEARL JAM               (grunge , alternative rock / Washington , USA)-ten               2LP   (epic)   37,00
PORCUPINE TREE               (progressive, alternative , psychedelic rock / UK)-sky moves sideways               2LP   (k-scope)   28,00
PRIMUS                (experimental, funk, alternative metal band / California, USA)-in numbers -the Stanford university broadcast 1989       LP, CLEAR VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   17,00
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE               (alternative, stoner rock band founded by Josh Homme of Kyuss / California, USA)-villains          2LP, ETCED D-SIDE   (matador)   28,00      –      CD   (matador)   15,00
RADIOHEAD                (alternative, experimental rock, electronic / UK)-ok computer -oknotok 1997-2017              3LP   (xl)   38,00
REAL MCKENZIES              (celtic punk rock band / CANADA)-two devils will talk               CD   (fat wreck)   16,80
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS            (alternative rock, funk / Los Angeles, USA)-one hot minute               LP   (warner)   26,00
RISE AGAINST               (melodic punk rock, hardcore / Chicago, USA) -wolves             LP   (virgin)   23,50
SMASHING PUMPKINS            (alternative rock / Illinois, USA)
-mellon collie and the infinite sadness             4LP + 2 BOOKS, BOX   (virgin)   99,50
-oceania               2LP   (martha’s music)   25,50
-siamese dream             2LP   (virgin)   48,50
SUNN O)))              (drone, experimental, noise band / Washington, USA)-black one              2LP   (southern lord)   28,50
TAU CROSS              (crust, punk, metal band. Members from: Amebix, Voivod, Misery)-pillar of fire               2LP   (relapse)   32,00
TOOL               (alternative metal , progressive rock / California, USA)-undertow             CD   (volcano)   16,00
WIPERS               (legendary punk, post punk, alternative rock band / Oregon, USA)-is this real, youth of america, over the edge + 29 bonus tracks            3CD  BOX   (zeno)   29,50

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