AFGHAN WHIGS             (alternative rock / Ohio , USA)-in spades             LP   (sub pop)   26,00
AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD               (alternative , indie ,post, progressive rock / Texas, USA)-live at rockpalast, Germany, 2009              2LP , GREY VINYL   (music on vinyl)   25,00
AUDIOSLAVE                 (alternative, hard rock band. Members from: Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine / California, USA)-audioslave            2LP   (music on vinyl)   26,80
BAD BRAINS              (legendary hardcore, reggae, dub band / Washington, USA)
-bad brains            LP   (roir)   18,50
-pay to cum               7”   (bad brain)   8,50
BLONDE REDHEAD                (alternative , noise, indie, dream pop / N.York , USA) -23              LP   (4ad)   21,00
BOWIE, DAVID                (art rock , pop, electronic rock singer-songwriter / UK)-no plan            12”, ETCHED B-SIDE   (columbia)   15,00
BUTTHOLE SURFERS               (psychedelic, punk, noise-rock band / Texas, USA)
-electriclarryland             2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (plain)   35,00
-independent worm saloon             LP   (plain)   27,80
CAT POWER              (female fronted indie rock, folk, lo-fi band / USA) -greatest             LP   (matador)   16,50
CHELSEA             (70’s punk rock band / UK)
-in session             2LP, CLEAR VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   24,00
-saturday night, sunday morning               LP, RED VINYL   (let them eat vinyl)   15,50
CLASH, THE            (legendary punk rock band / UK)
-clash           LP   (columbia)   23,00
-sandinista            3LP   (music on vinyl)   35,00
DECLINE!, THE                (punk rock, rock’n’roll punk, street punk band / FRANCE)-heroes on empty streets             LP   (kicking)   17,00
ELDER             (similar to: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Colour Haze / Boston, USA)-reflections of a floating                  CD   (stickman)   17,50
FIVE HORSE JOHNSON                (stoner, blues, southern rock band / Ohio, USA)-jake leg boogie            LP, GOLD VINYL   (small stone)   24,50
HUSKER DU               (classic alternative rock, punk band / Minessota , USA) -warehouse songs and stories              2LP, BLACK FRIDAY 2014 RELEASE, FLUORESCENT GREEN / YELLOW VINYLS   (warner)   23,00
IZAH                 (sludge, post-rock, black metal band / NETHERLANDS)-sistere             2LP, GREEN VINYL   (nordvis)   29,00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, THE              (shoegaze, post punk, indie / SCOTLAND)-darklands            CD   (blanco..)   10,00
MR. BUNGLE             (experimental, funk, metal band fronted by Mike Patton of Faith No More / California, USA) -mr. bungle             2LP, ETCHED D-SIDE   (music on vinyl)   26,50
MYRRORS, THE              (psychedelic, experimental rock band / Arizona, USA)-hasta la victoria                LP   (beyond beyond)   25,50
MYSTIC BRAVES             (psychedelic, garage, surf band / L.Angeles, USA)-mystic braves            LP   (lolipop)   24,00
NOMEANSNO           (punk, jazzcore band / CANADA)-the day everything became isolated and destroyed   2LP, PURPLE / GREEN SPLATTER VINYLS  (wrong)  25,00
PORCUPINE TREE             (progressive, alternative , psychedelic rock / UK)-up the downstair             2LP   (kscope)   29,00
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE                 (alternative rock , rap metal / Los Angeles, USA)-battle of los angeles              LP   (music on vinyl)   21,00
SEGALL, TY             (lo-fi, alternative, garage / San francisco , USA) -melted           LP   (goner)   19,50
SIGUR ROS               (post-rock, indie, ambient / ICELAND) -von             2LP+CD   (xl)   29,50
SIMON          (sludge, doom, stoner rock band / NETHERLANDS)-inner traveller                 2LP, RED / BLACK MARBLE VINYL   (iiftm)   25,00
SLEEP              (stoner, doom metal / California, USA) -sleep’s holy mountain            LP , PURPLE VINYL  (earache)   19,00
SOCIAL DISTORTION               (classic punk rock, rock’n’roll band / California , USA) -somewhere between heaven and hell               LP   (music on vinyl)   21,00
SOUND, THE              (legendary post-punk, new wave band / UK) -from the lions mouth            LP   (1972)   24,80
TAU CROSS               (crust, punk, metal band. Members from: Amebix, Voivod, Misery)-pillar of fire           CD   (relapse)   16,00
TELESCOPES, THE              (noise, space rock, dream pop band / UK)-as light returns           LP+CD   (tapete)   23,50
TINDERSTICKS               (indie rock , chamber pop / UK) -tindersticks            2LP   (music on vinyl)   29,00

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